2019 DFS LE - Eleven Soap & Aftershave Splash is now LIVE! Read more here!!

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PRICE DROP - REMAINING ITEMS $45 SHIPPED!  Individual prices below.

All these products are all next-to-brand-new and fresh stock purchased in the past month. 

*Soap Commander - Gusto Lot*
- Soap, Used 1x
- AS Balm, Brand New
- $25 Shipped

*Saponificio Varesino TSN "Flying Mango" Limited Edition Soap* 
- Used 1x
- $25 Shipped

*LASS Woody Lavender Soap*
- Used 1x
- $12 Shipped

[Image: 6Spe5bU.jpg]
PAA/SoSharp, Fine, and the Gusto balm that had been used are sold. Price drops on remaining items and entire lot dropped to $45 shipped!

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