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I need to sell some items I would not sell otherwise. My medical bills are sitting on the kitchen table waiting to be paid. All of the prices are CONUS and MAKE A REASONABLE OFFER.

Fatip Piccolo (throwing in at least 20 blades)                         $15
Edwin Jagger Kelvin (my first razor)                                         $ 25
Universal brand shavette from Italy                                         $ 30
Wostenholm Pipe Straight Razor (breaks my heart to sell) $50

I am not an expert on straight razors. I looked at the edge of the razor in good sunlight under 10x magnification and I did not see and cracks/chips or other issues besides the normal surface rust from sitting around.

That is a grand total of $120. If the items sell as a lot I will be throwing in a few odds and ends that I never ended up restoring.

[Image: hX4XUgm.jpg]
[Image: MROiluS.jpg]
[Image: 1hujbcN.jpg]
[Image: tW9EHtp.jpg]
[Image: xVYMeaf.jpg]
[Image: tIUlwSx.jpg]
[Image: EmZwxTs.jpg]
[Image: A3fL6LU.jpg]

Thanks for looking.

Accepting offers on the whole lot or individual items. There have been requests for additional pics. I am sorry but I work 64 hrs a week at my one job, I actually have two jobs. These are the pics I have. If the items do not sell they will go into storage or become Christmas presents. Thank you everyone.

Oslo, Norway
Sorry about your situation. GLWTS!

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Austin, TX
Agreed. Good luck with the sale. I don't use straights, already have a Kelvin and Fatip or I would pick something up.

Good razors all and for those looking for a solid OC razor, the Fatip is one of my favorite value razors.
Thank you. Appreciate the kind words.

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