Prices include shipping in the US. Please allow up to 3 days for shipping.

Paradigm Diamondback - brushed finish (1 of 2) - $220

Carbon CX R2 - $220

Briar Brushworks with maggard SHD - $95

[Image: 8Xs4ZXz.jpg]

[Image: pGQzdCO.jpg]

[Image: zwgojcN.jpg]

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Beautiful offerings, great seller! GLWS!!
I own 5 Briar Brushworks brushes and they are stunning. Someone is going to get this one for a steal!
Which razor is more aggressive?
How is it possible for all this stuff to still be here!?

These are razors I have in my collection and would never part with!  Great prices, grab this stuff!
Still available?

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Is the Carbon CX still available?

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