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Clearing the den a little...
Prices are shipped and pp.  International shipping is extra. 

[Image: 4nJpILS.jpg][Image: BHE2tHl.jpg]

Paladin Halloween 2019 Dancing Atlas 28mm E6 knot code w/tube and card- $180
Paladin McInroy Amphora 26mm Purple Haze L6 knot code w/tube and card - $165 SOLD!
Paladin McInroy Amphora 26mm Lime L6 knot code w/tube and card - $165
M&F/Brad Sears  Emillion 26mm w/box- $145 SOLD!
Oku Kesar 25mm w/leather tube and box- $100 SOLD!
Oku Botiho 25mm w/leather tube and box- $100

[Image: ntBcXN4.jpg]

Pils razor w/box - $150 SOLD!
RR Eco Electric Blue - $22
RR Lupo - $22 SOLD!
Tibam stand - $25 SOLD!

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3 brushes and one razor left!

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