I am offering for sale three Paladin brushes.  They have been well cared for and present as new.  Included is the tube and card of authenticity.  They are all 28mm knots.  See the photos below for specific knot information.  Prices are listed below and include shipping CONUS.  I am not interested in trades at this time.  Thank you for considering.

Ebony PK-47 -- $155
Ebonite Cumberland Honey PK-47 -- $240
Phantasia El Dorado -- $175


[Image: mJUP9pA.jpg][Image: JjN1lwA.jpg]

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Trotter Handcrafts
Bellingham, Washington USA
The Ebony Card says 26mm

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Still available?
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(08-26-2021, 11:51 PM)Stubble Daddy Wrote: The Ebony Card says 26mm
Good catch. That was our mistake. The seller purchased the brush from us new in April 2018. It was priced as a 28 mm brush. The brush's serial number (at bottom of the card) indicates that it has a 28 mm knot. The 55 mm loft implies 28 mm as well.

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Message Sent.
On an eternal den clearing mission at this point.
DM sent going to claim the ebonite cumberkand 28mm.


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Whiskey Sour are you there? I want to give you money.
On an eternal den clearing mission at this point.
I emailed days ago and never heard back

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Same here boys. Hope whiskey is aok

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The Ebony and Cumberland have my preferred hair for the Paladins. All fine looking really. Hope you guys hear back from OP soon and that all is well for them.

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