3 Paladins for sale

28mm ebonite denim PK47: $195
26mm purple haze beehive: $145
26mm eye of the tiger Buckaroo: $145

All 3 are excellent knots with a bit of Jelly but not too much.

[Image: aea0e2e0ce8175b6129b63f375a8179f.jpg]
[Image: a1ad7440a7e1d1b4587c14a73cbfa0b6.jpg]
[Image: f60371ae11298a6d26b02bf3aaf44240.jpg]
[Image: 5642cf3225ba6e43e4716afaf1a3e49f.jpg]
[Image: d1fe8ec3c1cc40b0ff212c48d1b96c92.jpg]
[Image: 759a51c1e0cc7cfc2b4de6c63114a96e.jpg]

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All brushes are sold

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