Gents, have these 3 items up for sale. I am the second owner of these items. Sparingly used.

1. Outlaw Copper Beehive. Beautiful brush with nice patina. A very healthy backbone. 210$ shipped conus. Includes PayPal fee and tracked shipping.

2. Paladin Samurai in Cobalt. 28mm K7 knot. This one sheds 3-4 hair per shave. I can't understand the reason for it as it was used only twice by the first owner. You may get an oumo knot installed in it. I am not a big fan of big handles and bought a Chubby 2 Cobalt instead. 150$ shipped conus.

3. Razorock Lupo DLC with leather pouch in mint condition. 105$ shipped.

Been around here for more than half a decade and have mostly bought stuff from here. Selling perhaps for the first time.

Thanks for looking.

[Image: 71caaf37f718ac782ae379932198e894.jpg]

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Lupo sold. Brushes still remain.

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Alpha outlaw now 200$ shipped conus.

Paladin stabilised over the last 3 shaves... Not selling it for now. Thanks.

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