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Hey all. I have two vintage Gillettes I’m looking to move along: 17mm NEW DeLuxe and a Tech. Both are in great condition, however both have small cracks in their handles, as is common with these.  Please check pictures for details and don’t hesitate to PM if you have any questions. Add $3 for CONUS shipping. Thanks.

If you’d prefer a trade, I’d only be interested in trading for a Gillette RFB two piece (set #77/88).

[Image: gyYWxd8.jpg]

[Image: iaHToWn.jpg]

- Gillette 17mm NEW DeLuxe w/ common bar handle:   $50

[Image: S0Th7K9.jpg]
[Image: hABT60g.jpg]
[Image: fCeyVn7.jpg]

- Gillette post war Tech:    $15

[Image: 718WYmd.jpg]
[Image: ZjEUhlO.jpg]
[Image: Qy1mdgG.jpg]

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