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NEW Dogwood Custom Handle Acrylic brushes with coin. 
They have never seen water.  Part of a larger liquidation of a collection in a cabinet for display purposes only. 
All are knotted with 30mm Muggards SHD.   Red with white swirls comes in a bulb knot.  Black with red swirls with a fan knot. Dark purple with dark gold swirls with a fan knot.

Priced at $130 US each plus shipping at pass through cost
Original packaging available.   Shipping with tracking number to US (via USPS) or Canadian addresses (via Canada Post)

[Image: We363Il.jpeg]

[Image: Be8CT4s.jpeg][Image: PxVxYdl.jpeg][Image: AyzE2NX.jpeg][Image: dLs9qwV.jpeg][Image: 4igyneZ.jpeg]

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Sent pm, want buy.

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