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This is the original version I bought in a store in Austria when it came out - zero blade alignment issues and of course due to the cast head, no pin falling out issues  Big Grin

Razor is in perfect condition and barely used. It comes in the original Muhle Box with a Muhle razor head guard. New the razor costs 79 EUR + 3.60 EUR for the head guard, but is of course not available any more

Yours for 135125 AUD
- PP F&F please (or please add the appropriate sum for G&S) - includes world wide delivery from Australia with basic tracking

Sorry for the pictures - I have some poor light at the moment...
[Image: Eu7XwXe.jpg]
[Image: dSG5uoJ.jpg]
[Image: dYHKEwr.jpg]
One and only price drop before it goes into the depths of my cupboard Wink
Bumpy for the weekend

pm for the rocca
and answered
Still available

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