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Saving through Spending
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I’m moving and finally getting around to listing excess shaving stuff. I’ve been trying to limit my den to the mostly necessities and this move is spurring me along. I’ll post one more listing after this one and I’ll be cleaned out.

Up for your consideration is:

Phoenix Artisan Accouterments Soaps:

Spring Heeled Jack - used 2 times
Chocolate Bourbon - brand new unused

Barrister and Mann:

Eventide soap - 85%
Eventide aftershave - 90%

Lime/Lavender/Cedarwood soap - 95% (only used 3-5 times)

Crown King/PAA:

Sacré Blu aftershave - 90%

$50 shipped

[Image: s3dP6IU.jpg]
[Image: mpb6ky7.jpg]
[Image: nvVpQmM.jpg]
[Image: 2D4Y7vA.jpg]
[Image: IiOV6wq.jpg]

Saving through Spending
Sold pending funds

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