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M&F 2XL in Finest.

$275 shipped CONUS

[img][Image: C69CD64E-6739-4AA0-BC72-BF729350B144_zpsn6ckjon0.jpg][/img]

[img][Image: B09EB811-8702-42B7-8595-52AC5A5D3E80_zpsqacdepxj.jpg][/img]
If you don't mind what are the knot's stats? And does it have the hooked tips that they can sometimes develope?

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I believe 28x50, but I'll confirm when I get off shift.
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Measurements: Knot: 28.5 mm
Loft 50.3 mm

And yes, "gel tips."
Since no Wolfman's are to be found and since I've sourced a Weber DLC this beauty is up for sale.

$275 shipped CONUS
PM sent

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