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[Image: wgapSFe.jpg][Image: ntbTbvM.jpg][Image: BWUqDyL.jpg][Image: xBYKwye.jpg][Image: FoPwakL.jpg][Image: irNpq1l.jpg][Image: bFPOP9o.jpg][Image: p60bcxf.jpg][Image: t2f8cNT.jpg]

I hope everyone is well!! 

I have a huge den clean out!! Hopefully some shavers can benefit!! Message me if interested. I utilize PayPal. Thanks guys!! 

  • Single items/sets purchased add $5 shipping US
  • More than one item or set purchased add $7 shipping US
  • Any purchases over $50 will include free shipping in US 
  • Buyers outside the US, I’ll ask to cover shipping 

Declaration Grooming B1 knot- (24-25mm) in a plain old Shave Revolution handle. This is an OG of a knot and I know I’m gonna regret selling it. Due to how rare it is and how great this batch is IMO, I’m asking $275 for it. It’s in excellent condition, rarely used because I treated it as a luxury item for special occasions only. 

RazoRock Mamba mild version stainless steel razor (great condition, only used a couple times): $40

Merica stainless steel razor: $47

Zen Shaving brush, amboyna burl wood handle, hand made, 24mm silver tip knot (used once... honestly the photos don’t do this brush justice): $60

Matthew Marting Brushguy brush, silver tip knot (used once or twice): $38

Tallow & Steel Indian Bay set (used once): $37

First Line Shave Kituwah set (brand new/never used): $30

Zingari Man/BBS Live The Duo set (brand new/never used): $25

PAA (Phoenix) Tamanu Noir set (brand new/never used), discontinued: $33

Zaharoff/Gentleman’s Nod Signature set (used once): $33

Noble Otter Neon Sun set (used once): $19

Talbot/Maol Grooming Okuma set (used once): $19

Cooper & French Sandalwood & Amber soap (brand new/never used): $9

Grooming Dept Amare soap (used once): $20

Southern Witchcrafts Arcane Abyss soap (brand new/never used): $8

Talbot/Maol Grooming Island of the sun set (used once/never lathered it/scooped): $20

First Line Shave Dapper Man soap (brand new/never used): $16

A&E Kaizen soap (used once): $11

Declaration Weinstrasse soap (used once):$12

A&E Asian Plum soap (used once):$12

Southern Witchcrafts Tresmatres (used once): $6

PAA Cad soap (used once): $8

Stirling “Stirling One” soap (used once): $4

Mitchell’s Woolfat puck (used once): $5

Tabula Rasa Olibanum soap (used a couple times): $11

Soapy Bathman Cigar Lounge soap (used once): $12

Barrister & Mann Reserve Fern soap (used once): $12

Nautica Voyage fragrance and aftershave balm (used once): $19

Chatillon Lux Santal Auster Aftershave and Post Shave Salve (used 1-2 times): $25

First Line Shave Razor Ruby Undead aftershave (full bottle): $15

PAA (Phoenix) Ciderhouse Five Aftershave/Cologne (used once): $16

Viking Valhalla soap (used once): $4

Wholly Kaw Vetivertal (used once): $6

Through the Fire Fine Craft “Lovely” soap (used once): $4

Macduffs “Lychee is a stone fruit” soap (used once): $12

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Just reduced prices on everything.
A few more items sold as indicated on the updated/edited post. Lots of good stuff remaining. Thanks!
Hey guys,
It’s been brought to my attention that my mailbox was full and individuals were unable to message me. My apologies! I have deleted most of my messages so you should be able to message me now, so if you sent a message that didn’t go through, can you please re-send it. Appreciate your patience and again sorry for the inconvenience!

Justin Bailey
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Quite a few items have sold in bulk but there’s definitely some great items still left to pick up if you’re interested, such as Tallow Steel, Zingari Man, First Line Shave, Noble Otter, Viking, PAA, etc. and a lot of this stuff is “specialty” items which are “one off” releases/discontinued most likely never to be released again. If interested in any of these last items, message me please before they are gone. 

Thank you fellas! 

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Tallow & Steel just sold… Still lots of other goodies available… Thanks
Bump please…

More price reductions on soap & aftershave sets…


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