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I like big knots 'n I cannot lie!
San Antonio, TX
Trying to get funds together for these upcoming releases, as well as a new RR Gamechanger Razor

Shipping cost is by weight. Under 14oz is 4$, anything over goes into a flat rate box at 7$.

Prices are all PayPal G&S (fee has been included already)

Thater 2Band w/ box- beautiful brush, only used a few times: 111$

Razorock HMW (Discontinued): $32

Vintage single edge razors: each comes with a few of its blades: $13 each

Polish Wizamet adjustable (vintage w/case and matching blades): 37$

PAA Bakelite Slant: $14

MLS Kraken Trifecta (used 2x): $26.50

Blackship Wassail (used 1x): 21$

[Image: LuOHCcu.jpg]
[Image: JWfYhHw.jpg]

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