Raleigh, NC
This lot includes a 5oz tin of Mike's Natural Pine and Cedarwood (never used), a 5.8oz jar of Stirling Ozark Mountain (used 2 times), a 5.8oz jar of Stirling Glastonbury (used 1 time), and a 3.8oz puck of Men's Soap Company Himalaya (unused). Price for all 4 soaps is $35 shipped to CONUS addresses and it will ship the same or next day after payment is received.

[Image: 2015-08-26%2019.27.44_zps5wx9hgy7.jpg]

[Image: 2015-08-26%2019.28.59_zpsn4g0965g.jpg]

[Image: 2015-08-26%2019.32.38_zpsatjuqm2h.jpg]

[Image: 2015-08-26%2019.28.29_zpsrqcawprb.jpg]

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