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Offloading a couple of quality, rare items in the form of this unobtanium Kamisori from a highly regarded maker that is no longer in production....as far as I know.

- Previously owned and received with a coat of flex glue on the handle

- Has since been shipped out to be removed and buffed, revealing the authentic makers mark.

NOTE: *due to the difficulty of dealing with flex glue, some buff marks from the polishing are noticeable*

- Freshly honed and not used since its return

- French point

- 8/8ths

- Western Grind (aka symmetrical grind)

Comes complete with a Tony Miller strop in excellent condition.

link for photos with additional video snippets of the razor and strop.


Ships from Canada. Buyer to submit funds in USD currency.


$10 towards international

Add 4% for G&S fees

[Image: 8IrtmIS.jpg]
[Image: x2JpgOv.jpg][Image: naotXAv.jpg][Image: jBg9odc.jpg][Image: hYaGplp.jpg][Image: fpZ6F8c.jpg][Image: 92CCWjQ.jpg][Image: 1zkLZVq.jpg][Image: usSMxSx.jpg][Image: 436GQPy.jpg][Image: yR5Yvbd.jpg][Image: mvvZdk7.jpg]

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The price?  You forgot to list the price.

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(08-20-2021, 10:08 PM)draebeard Wrote: The price?  You forgot to list the price.

Lmao. *facepalm*. 
Sorted. Thanks for the heads up.

(08-20-2021, 10:08 PM)draebeard Wrote: The price?  You forgot to list the price.

Ah, I see where I went wrong. 
I had listed the price in the heading, but not in the body of the post.
Gorgeous razor. GLWTS.

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Love, peace, and harmony....maybe in the next world.....

I've decided to go with an alternative option.

Thanks for looking. Smile

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