Mergress razor has been used sparingly and presents as new. Bronze knob with blue dot.
Retail 145.00 asking 125.00 USD shipped
[Image: 5b58e2076df425562c2c99a9b1e5a570.jpg]
[Image: a22c29813275a60ce754014ac5b46de2.jpg]

Paladin Chief in graphite 28 mm knot (2CLND3). 55 loft 51 free loft. Very soft tips. Medium backbone. No scritch at all. Retail 240.00. Get it here for 190.00 USD shipped

[Image: adfa95ce4957fb36a573de9f327caf2e.jpg]
[Image: 1c0c6ca3edb87276e5a5602d1f52468d.jpg]
[Image: e266a67c3c8ca5d6d53cdf342b20c42c.jpg]

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