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I have:

Heeley Sel Marin 3.4oz bottle with ~25mls remaining available for $45 plus shipping. SOLD

Knize Forest 1.7oz bottle with 99% remaining for $60 plus shipping.  SOLD

Cedrat Boise 120ml bottle with about 25mls remaining for $45 plus shipping included.

Shipping is CONUS only and $7. included

You can purchase all remaining two of for $86 including shipping.  NOW $80 shipped!

I am open to trades but am trying to downsize fragrances, soaps and creams.  I may be open to trading for a Rockwell 6S, Blackbird or well made razor handle.

[Image: 444OY58.jpg]

Added trade option.
Knize has sold, new price for lot.
Final reduction for lot. Now $80 for Cedrat Boise and Sel Marin shipped.
One bottle remaining and I'll cover shipping...
Bump again...great summer spring/summer scent.

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