2019 DFS Movember LE - Viking Shaving Brush. Read more here!!


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Looking to liquidate a bit.  Sold in lots. Prices include shipping CONUS.


*Citrus Lot*-$38[SOLD]

Dr. Jon's- Arctic Hydra, Stubble Trubble-Rhymes with Orange, Razorock Essential Oil of Lime w/pre and post shave.



*Fougere Imperiale, Cheshire[SOLD]


*Soapy Bathman Lot*-$30

*Nightclub and Desperado


*Barbershop Lot*-$45

*CRSW (tub arrived cracked. Has been fixed), PAA CaD, Razorock American Barber w/splash 90%+


*SV-Colonia -$25

*Shaver Heaven Honey Ale & PAA Cucumber - $20

**Straights :

*Wade and Butcher French Point w/ Spine work.  Full restoration, 6/8, horn, shave ready.  $350


*Saito Ryuichi SK2- Big Smile, great shaver. $300


*Clauss 7/8.  Rare width, nice blade.  $100


*Cockhill's Celebrated Sheffield w/etching. $75


*SRD 3" English Bridle. $70

[Image: VLHl7fJ.jpg][Image: FMwBJ2Q.jpg][Image: wE4ihRG.jpg][Image: fj3Tfa3.jpg][Image: vGanhpm.jpg][Image: Iq54CjI.jpg]
[Image: K72xnbC.jpg][Image: KNJHZ8J.jpg][Image: cRVGZf3.jpg][Image: D79AvTE.jpg]

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bandt929, I see photos now...is this ready to get moved back?
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it is.....thank you
PM sent.

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