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Alpha Claymore - $SOLD

Voigt&Cop x HoM VC02 - $250 (This is a collab brush and has the House of Mammoth Coin on the bottom)
I also have a Limited Edition Atlantis Brush with a 27mm ST-1 knot I am willing to throw in for whoever buys the Voigt. Brand new, never been used. $130 dollar value for free.

Chisel&Hound Scholar V20 - $PENDING

TrotterHandcrafts (Monster Dark Kanon T1 Manchurian) - $75 ---> $60

TurnNShave Harvest Sorby L4 -$180 ---> $150

If you have any questions or want more info, let me know!

Or send me an offer you think is fair and we can deal!

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I need to do a little spring den cleaning of my own. GLWTS!
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Yeah it’s always good to make some room for other gear!
Prices Dropped
Alpha Sold
I’ll take the Trotter. PM me your payment preference and I’ll promptly send funds.

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