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Hi Gents,

These pain me to sell but as I have a new Varlet Ranger on the way, I don't wish for the flock to get away from me. Lovingly cared for these Semogues are absolute gems.

Mistura - $45 delivered including international postage.

[Image: kNorR2l.jpg]

The Shavenook Limited edition Number 16 - $130 delivered including international postage

[Image: GIgkGSL.jpg]

[Image: lj1smlk.jpg]

[Image: Vmw9N9W.jpg]

Both brushes do not shed. Both are equally unique. Favorite characteristics of the Mistura include high flow through, gentle scrub and ability to generate a supreme lather quickly.  Favorite characteristics of the TSN include high flow through, super soft tips and ergonomics of the handle.

Any questions please get in touch.

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Mistura under offer
TSN LE still available.
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