Leresche #51 Luxe French open comb classic, 3 piece razor in great shape. The #51 Luxe is on the very top of the Leresche line-up. The #51 razor itself is identical to #74 and 55; the keep cases are different though . The case is also in excellent shape inside-out and locks perfectly. There are a few tiny areas of brassing on the top cap edges and a tiny cosmetic crack in the top part of the handle that did not change over the last ten years (visible in photos). The info on Leresches is in http:/lereschearchive.wix.com/old-school-stuff. I also have Leresche #34 to which I got used to. Otherwise, I would never part with this #51 that is an excellent, both aggressive and forgiving, shaver, which does the job better than OC Gillettes. Asking $160/OBO, shipped, CONUS.
[Image: JnqyxNr.jpg][Image: Lg2gHgZ.jpg][Image: H3yt729.jpg][Image: OcSxVxK.jpg][Image: fg2K163.jpg]

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