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NEW Leonidam Brushes, have never seen water - 50% off original purchase price, these are a great deal!   Brushes have been on display in cabinet.  Knots are all 28mm.  Three brushes in bulb knot; Black brush in fan knot.  Original packaging available, original purchase price around 250 Euro each ($275 UDS/$365 CAN).   No trades please.  Additional photos of any individual brush can be provided upon request.

For Canadian customers:   Will be shipped via Canada Post. Priced to sell at $225 Canadian/each. $175 Canadian
For USA customers.  Will be shipped by USPS.  Priced to sell at $170 US dollars. now $125

UPDATE: Black and Blue brushes have been sold.  The other two are now available for $150 $125 US each

[Image: nCy61Zb.jpg][Image: AmOb3Gg.jpg][Image: XzkagGL.jpg][Image: cXRzIpi.jpg][Image: YNEXAva.jpg][Image: SsNljtK.jpg][Image: EiMYx4w.jpg][Image: q9Sh4kf.jpg][Image: 9Bhruy3.jpg]

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Interested in the black or the blue ones, are these still can be found on their website?

I am assuming they are "BOSS SATIN" and "NAUTILUS"?
These were bought during late 2019 sometime. I have no idea what he called them at the time. I don't believe they are available now. They are brand new. They were in a display cabinet all that time. If you are interested I can send you more photos via email. You can even forward them to Davide and ask him what they called at the time and verify the original pricing that was around 250 euro.

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