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Hi, hope everyone is well! 

I’m looking to sell this handsome gold plated Edwin Jagger Barley razor... It’s essentially brand new. Tbh, I can’t recall ever using it, but for some reason I feel like I may have done a few strokes on one side of my face, while just quickly comparing the Barley to another razor, but again, overall it’s essentially brand new. While I dislike admitting it, this was an impulsive buy on my part, as I immediately fell in love with the look of the razor (check it out... it’s a looker) but unfortunately, all it ended up doing was just merely sitting there looking nice, while getting no usage... And I don’t really like that... So, I’d rather try to get this razor in the hands of someone who will not only appreciate its beauty, but will also enjoy using it.

So, this razor retails between $75-$90 (from what I can see), seeming to be slightly more affordable in other countries outside of the US. So, with that said, I’m looking to sell this razor for $50 I’m reducing my selling price to $45.... I am reducing the price to $40 which will be my lowest offer... I will pay shipping within the US (if you live outside the US, I’ll ask for some help covering shipping costs which we can discuss). I accept PayPal and if you’re interested please message me!

Thank you, 
Justin (carryonsteadynow)
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Price reduced to $40

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