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I have three razors that don't get used, so I thought they might find a good home with other DFS members. If you're not interested in buying but might consider a trade instead, please send a PM.

Merkur Model 38C HD Classic "Barber Pole" Long Safety Razor     ASKING $15 FREE SHIPPING IN CONUS    SOLD

 Purchased 4 months ago on Amazon
 Used 3 times
 Paid $38  
 Asking $30 $28 $19 $15 shipped CONUS
 Cleaned, disinfected, and polished

[Image: sxmg78x.jpg]
[Image: SAftViA.jpg]
[Image: whdA1HS.jpg]
[Image: kVG9tFz.jpg]

Edwin Jagger 'Extra Grip' Handle Rubber Coated (Ivory) DE Safety Razor, SKU: DE87RC14bl        ASKING $15 FREE SHIPPING IN CONUS      SOLD
 Purchased 3 months ago on Amazon

 Used 2 times
 Paid $40
Asking  $32  $30  $20  $15 shipped CONUS  
 Cleaned, disinfected, and polished

[Image: jE5INlB.jpg]
[Image: 0ImAnJw.jpg]
[Image: 7BU89Cl.jpg]
[Image: HUKTqcM.jpg]

Vintage 1954 Z 3 Gillette Flare Tip Super Speed TTO DE Safety Razor      ASKING $15 FREE SHIPPING IN CONUS    SOLD

 Purchased 50 days ago on eBay
 Used 2 times - it's a little too aggressive for my face
 Manufactured 3rd quarter 1954 (my birth year)
 Paid $40.50 including shipping
Asking $39 $34 $30 $17 $15 shipped CONUS      
 Cleaned, disinfected, and polished
 Works perfectly

[Image: iwFsD4a.jpg]
[Image: qOVGS6g.jpg]
[Image: f77aBSs.jpg]
[Image: i91QLco.jpg]
[Image: 6q6obfS.jpg]
[Image: AXZy3KT.jpg][/u]

Philadelphia, PA
Great looking photos. Good luck with the sale!

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Photos look awesome - glwts!

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Check pm

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