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Extra Karve Bison and an unused puck of GD Luxury (real Oud+leather) in Kairos base I found stashed away. 

Shipping both in CONUS/Canada for $72USD. 

[Image: zqBb3W8.jpg][Image: E51Q7Sn.jpg]

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StephenG Karve Bison

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PM sent
Price drop. Willing to trade for Henson Mild V2

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New York
(03-15-2024, 04:37 PM)dtownvino Wrote: I think the pics were corrupted on the update.
That's odd, I'm still seeing them fine... both in Tapatalk and Chrome.

I'm tempted, as I'm curious about the Bison... but I have no use for scented soaps.


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