Conus only.Paypal or Venmo.Shipoing included in price 

For sale : Eufros Jabonman and Phoenix and Beau LE soaps 

1.Jabonman LIGNVM soap and balm.Brand new.Asking 50 dollars per the set

2.Jabonman Eufros Verum.Brand new.Asking 25 dollars for it 

3.Phoenix and Beau LE Volupta and V60.Both used twice Asking 40 dollars per both.

Thanks for looking.

[Image: ihR2p5C.jpg]

[Image: djlguW5.jpg]

[Image: 4w2xcel.jpg]

[Image: qXAyXth.jpg]

[Image: NJSp67z.jpg]

[Image: xUey2wE.jpg]

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Seattle, WA
What are the scents of the Eufros? Thanks.

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