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All either brand new or used once or twice, prices include shipping within the USA.

Le Pere Luciene Traditional soap and splash $30 shipped SOLD

TOBS sandalwood soap and splash $25 shipped SOLD

Ethos Grooming success soap and splash $60 shipped SOLD 

Nuavia Nera (aquatic cologne scent) $25 shipped SOLD

Martin De Candre LE Argumes $50 shipped SOLD

 Take the remaining LPL , and Nuavia for $50 shipped , I’ll also throw in a nearly full bottle of B&M lavender reserve splash.

[Image: QPjwCdv.jpg][Image: deZZ0LL.jpg][Image: Ve4ASpI.jpg][Image: 5iHyVN4.jpg][Image: nvoGead.jpg]

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