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EDIT - Price drops on a few remaining items please check them out.

Hello DFS members,

For your consideration today I have a number of very nice brushes and razors.
I have very reluctantly decided to consolidate my den as I need the funds for other things.
I realize that I haven't been very active on this forum but I do have a good BST record on other forums so please message me and I will confirm my username elsewhere.

Prices are in $USD and include shipping worldwide from Australia.
All brushes have been very well looked after and are in excellent condition with perfect stickers/stamps and engraving. None of the brushes have been dropped or scratched and all knots are non-shedders.
Simpson, Wiborg, The Varlet, Muhle and Shavemac brushes will come with original boxes and paperwork. The others I will package appropriately.
Please DO NOT contact me with trade offers as I am only interested in selling. First come first serve.


Simspon Duke 3 Jade in Manchurian hair 23/48 (early batch with very good hair) - $200 SOLD
Simpson Chubby 3 Butterscotch in Manchurian hair 28/50 (most recent batch slightly finer (softer) hair and more manageable backbone) - $330 SOLD
Simpson Chubby 2 Coral in Manchurian hair 30/52 (batch before last with a dense knot and powerful backbone yet zero scritch) - $300 SOLD
[Image: 3YvgHr3.jpg]
[Image: 3yBlZs1.jpg]

The Varlet Mega 29/50 - $260 SOLD
Wiborg "The Barber" in Tortoise, White Badger 28/52 Fan - $280 SOLD
Wiborg "The Stocky" in Turquoise, White Badger 28/50 Bulb - $280 SOLD
[Image: xdQqBRN.jpg]
[Image: atk6RlN.png]

Paladin PK-47 (2nd batch) in Lemon Drop Amber with Lee Sabini Blonde Badger hair 26/50 - $180 SOLD
Thater 49125/1 in Three band Silvertip hair 24/50 - $110 PRICE DROP $100
Morris & Forndran Stubby in Porcelain with Lee Sabini Blonde Badger hair 24/50 - $180 PRICE DROP $160 SOLD
[Image: 53T28MM.jpg]
[Image: A9rEF4o.png]

Shavemac 167 in Faux Horn with Silvertip 2-Band hair 28/54 Bulb - $180 FINAL PRICE DROP $160
Simpson Chubby 2 in Super Badger hair 28/50 - $220 PRICE DROP $200 FINAL PRICE DROP $190
Savile Row 3326 in Finest Silvertip Badger hair 26/55 - $150 PRICE DROP $125 SOLD
[Image: bNh2NfG.png]
[Image: U0Vm9eB.png]

Muhle Retro Butterscotch in Silvertip hair 25/58 - $120 FINAL PRICE DROP $100
Doug Korn Custom Short Soldier in Briar with Shavemac Silvertip 2-Band Fan knot 28/50 - $130 SOLD
[Image: 8dtAtjF.png]
[Image: HiQ7elo.png]


Ever-ready Streamline SE Razor in original case and in excellent condition.
Also comes with 10 brand new blades.
[Image: UFXFd9O.jpg]
[Image: pyQWx5A.jpg]
[Image: q8bg97q.jpg]

Barbasol Floating Head DE Razor.
This razor is in good working condition with some brassing and a few minor scratches on the top cap/base plate.
Threads are in good condition (see pictures).
$100 SOLD
[Image: Cyt1eQE.png]
[Image: T9Lwn0J.png]
[Image: f5nYl0L.png]
[Image: nG99tSp.png]

Thank you for looking, please PM me or ask questions in the thread.

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Awesome products. GLWTS
Thank you!
Great offerings! I see they're sold but I was wondering if you could compare the hair in the Varlet to that in the Wilborgs? GLWTS!

Los Angeles
Beautiful brush collection

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When will my purchase be shipped? I've sent a PM to ask this question, but haven't received a reply yet.

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Sorry I've been held up a bit and haven't gotten around to replying.
I have sent you a PM in reply.
Sorry to anyone I haven't gotten back to straight away, I believe I'm caught up now and I really appreciate everyone's patience.


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Also, last price drop on the Ever Ready Streamline from $250 to $215!
It is an excellent razor in pristine condition and is highly sought after so if you've been looking for one like this in its original case please PM me.


Restitutor Orbis
That M&F is so tempting but my wallet needs to recover Sad

GLWTS! Man what a collection..

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Los Angeles
I just received my brush in the mail. It is awesome and I'm very happy, thanks

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