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San Jose, CA (USA)
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I’m CONUS and PayPal only please. Selling some hardware and other shaving accessories that haven’t seen use in some time. Prices include shipping. Thanks!

Gillette Empire Razor - This is an English version of the standard Gillette NEW Long Comb made in the States. Shaves a bit more efficient than its American cousin. Some noticeable plate loss on the baseplate. Ball-end handle is sturdy with no cracks but has some patina from age. Bottom of the handle also has some plate loss with minor pitting. Case shows it’s age but the closing mechanism still firmly snaps shut. Asking $47 $42 $37 $32.

Weber Bulldog Handle - About 79mm in length, 12mm in width, weighs about 2.2oz. Made in the USA by Weber Razors before they unfortunately went out of business. A very nice utilitarian design that adds a nice heft to many razors. Perfect for the beginner starting out. Can fit the Mühle R89 heads Old Gillettes razor head, and even other modern DE razors. I do have a spare R89 razor head if someone wants to purchase it as a full razor as well! Asking $27 for the handle or $32 with Mühle R89 head included. SOLD

Simpson Replacement Decal - This is the newer “Made in Great Britain” version. Asking $5 each or $17 for all four.

Mühle 33K256 Synthetic Shaving Brush - Described as a large shaving brush on Mühle’s website and various retailers. 23mm knot. This is the older v2 STF synthetic fibre knot that was discontinued. Much softer than v1 STF. Brush has been we’ll take care of and his in excellent condition. Original cardboard brush tube included. Asking $32 $27 $22.

WaterField Designs DE Razor Case - Made by SFBags in San Francisco. Purchased right before they discontinued them a few years ago. Designed to fit the iKon safety razor. Will comfortably fit a RazoRock Game Changer with an 85mm long handle for  reference. The case is 5″ long and about 1″ wide; it’s 1.5″ tall at the short end and 2.25″ tall at the longer end.  It weighs about 1.3 ounces. This is the Grizzly brown leather version. Inside lining is waterproof. Very lightly used in excellent condition. Asking $27 $22 $20.

[Image: y17GQ1C.jpg]

San Jose, CA (USA)
My apologies. I forgot to include pictures! Will add them now

San Jose, CA (USA)
Gillette Empire Razor 

[Image: pS6dXAB.jpg]
[Image: SV27Scv.jpg]
[Image: W1wS6Io.jpg]
[Image: P70vLd3.jpg]
[Image: UnX6R3m.jpg]
[Image: eOFyIz7.jpg]
[Image: zYXw7GV.jpg]
[Image: O8FGiKA.jpg]

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San Jose, CA (USA)
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Weber Bulldog, Simpson Decals, and Mühle 33K256

[Image: 4zxK85b.jpg]
[Image: SQohuDo.jpg]
[Image: XUEmeL8.jpg]

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San Jose, CA (USA)
WaterField Designs DE Razor Case

[Image: Qf51hyB.jpg]
[Image: jLY335I.jpg]
[Image: 1k80iWN.jpg]

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Some price drops to start off the weekend!

San Jose, CA (USA)
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Bump with another round of price drops. Also open to offers on multiple items

San Jose, CA (USA)
Price drop on the Gillette Empire to $32 shipped!

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