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Gentlemen, for your consideration I have two great razors that I just haven't been reaching for. Prices include PayPal G&S and free shipping to the CONUS. I'll cover the first $5 toward shipping outside of the US. 

First, the H&S Co. razor. Really great condition. No scratches or dents. This is the polished version of the razor. Asking $225. SOLD

Second, the Asylum Evolution. Likewise, great condition. This razor has the "standard" baseplate, although I believe the aggressive plate is still available on Bullgoose in brass. Asking $180. Now $160

Thank you so much! Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everybody! [Image: Wg1EBOO.jpg][Image: 68IET3C.jpg][Image: CWqeLKF.jpg][Image: h2EX4KS.jpg][Image: w12dd0d.jpg][Image: lgiq2cq.jpg][Image: kVSLt9R.jpg]
Bump! Price drop on the Asylum.

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