I know this isn't shaving related but just got this watch directly from Google with my new phone, unfortunately I'm not into watches so looking to sell and I thought I would see if anyone in the shaving community would be interested before I sell somewhere else, would also make a great gift. 

Champagne Gold case/Hazel Active band 
4G LTE + Bluetooth/Wi-Fi 
Price on Google website is £379 
Absolutely brand new in box unopened. 

Selling for £279 shipped worldwide

[Image: TQvxJyu.jpg][Image: tkDkK8Y.jpg][Image: tZ8YP4z.jpg][Image: AcEmBQC.jpg][Image: zoNKDJo.jpg]

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You just bought it? It just got delivered? Why not just return to google and get your money back?

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Hello mate thanks for your comment, this watch actually came with my new phone Google had a offer on when you buy the phone they give you the watch so that's why I can't return. Many thanks ?

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Just curious, does it have to pair with a Google phone, or can one use it with other android phones?

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Hi mate thanks for your good question, hear is the answer - Google Pixel Watch is compatible with all Google Pixel and Android phones running Android 8.0 or newer.

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Price drop £250
Price drop £230
Price drop £210
Price drop £180
Now sold

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