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Blame Maire Kondo or Minimalism, I have decided I can probably live with 9 shaving brushes.  Plus I would like to buy 1 or 2 more favorites.  

1. $140.  Paladin PK-47 Purple Haze, 26mm 2CLNB6.  Cost was $160 and a sentimental favorite.
2. $250.  SOLD Paladin PK-47 Ebonite Strawberry Fields, 26mm 2CLNA6.  NEW - never used.  Cost was $330
3. $105   SOLD Paladin PK-47 Disco, 26mm 2CSLH4.  Cost was $160
4. $110   Brad Sears Gus Amber and Coral(?), 28mm.  Cost was $180
5. $ 70   SOLD Wolf Whiskers WW-Eagle, RCE color, guessing 25mm, plush/less backbone.  Cost approx $80
6. $ 80   SOLD Alpha Titanium, FS new version synthetic. Recent ATG group buy.  Cost was $131
7. $ 40   SOLD Tony Forsyth synthetic, Rainbow Falls color, guessing 24mm knot, 62mm handle height.  Cost approx $100
8. $ 35   SOLD Mervyn Cadman $100 money brush, dark badger (some scritch).  Nice brush to re-knot.
Bonus:  $40 Grooming Dept and P&B soaps - new.  Cost approx $50 
Should have original box.  Price includes domestic shipping.  More info available.  No trades at this time. Thanks for looking.
[Image: 5vX8oB1.jpg]

[Image: unvlI6g.jpg]
[Image: oMM9pQP.jpg]
[Image: k4cCjX9.jpg]

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