DFS Movember Lot #3 is now live!!! Read more here!!

$25 shipped Gillette Slim L4
       Needs some cleaning on inside of head. Twist
open handle sticks a bit, believe it just needs cleaning as well. Everything else works perfectly fine.

$35 shipped Gillette Slim M1
        In good condition, user grade. No issues that I can see with it.

$ 35 Shipped  Gold plated Ever-Ready Se with ~9 blades.
         A small amount of rust, can be cleaned off.

[Image: 4ZJn8UA.jpg]
[Image: htWFS3n.jpg]
[Image: Ba5lwFJ.jpg]
now open to trades

Would like some chiseled face soaps, or feather pro blades

Still open to other software I haven't used
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