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Razors are all sold. Just have the UFO left for trade.

[Image: HAWjjxn.jpg]
UFO Tornado XL in pristine shape.  Will trade for nice brush or razor.

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newly rhodium re-plated Aristocrat? Would you like pictures?
Pm sent

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ANG69 - it sounds like a beautiful razor, but i'm going to pass on the crat.
BaldMike - I sent you a message.

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Thank you !
I see that you have these razors in lots, however, if you have a hard time moving them I would be interested in the two red tips if the price would not cause me to sell my son.
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you have pm OP, check ur inbox
check your inbox and tell me if the razors are sold, thanks.
I guess your online but maybe your not receiving my messages, so I'll type it here in which razors I'm interested:

- Blue tip
-Red tip
-Silver tip
- Black tip
- The one next to the silver tip that is all silver color
- Fat boy
- Adjustable slim
- Razorock TTO

I'm not trying to nitpick your sale thread or low ball you, as you see I want 7 of the razors and not just 1 or 2. PM if you are interested,thanks.
I would like the set of 6 supper speeds if you still have them.

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