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I would give the overall condition average or above average. Great user for you rotation, or a great candidate for a re plate or delta echo. All original and there is some plating missing on the knob, but everything else is perfect. Doors open even, blade tightens even on both sides. Also last 1/4 turn locks as it’s suppose to.
I was going to send the knob out for replate, but Above the Tie released some rhodium Fatboys.

Sorry for lots of pictures, but I wanted to represent the Razor the best I could.
[Image: 8faaa9914b4b8df7543a947565d3a396.jpg][Image: 2bb899e3aeb7c68e4861f172a774857b.jpg][Image: 84810b3367b0e46fe8f9a2ab8ed13bf3.jpg][Image: 205174b67539ee78939c614acbc868b4.jpg][Image: e94da0c16c6296ac378b873071b7d1d0.jpg][Image: 300b618758afbe8bd085328bd21ead8c.jpg][Image: 5a1efef531df2d946eaffe6391772372.jpg][Image: 6ac99fcaadc010a92c8db17e7800058a.jpg][Image: 26d56b2876440900bec3a54b771d9620.jpg][Image: c69c30555bc7b3e9d4753a1c70addac5.jpg][Image: 5ddcc3795bba7dc7f8ab314e80588a4c.jpg]

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