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I have broken up the lot. I'm selling these below original cost. All items are 90% full or more. Great deal on great quality soaps and splashes . Some are no longer made. Prices include Canadian and US shipping.

PAA sandalwood soap and splash 20.00
Reef point fougere santal soap and splash SOLD
PAA vloid soap and splash SOLD
RR Chicago soap and splash 20.00
RR don donato soap and splash 20.00
RR 888 eucalyptus soap and splash 20.00
TFS Tabacco Verde 10.00
Caties bubbles tonsorial parlour SOLD
Mickey Lee Italian Stallion 10.00 SOLD
RR San Valentino 10.00
RR Holy Cannoli 10.00
RR Freedberg 10.00 SOLD
Figaro OUD scented SOLD
B & M original lathe SOLD

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Emperor of Shaving
The lot has been broken up for individual sale.
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