Movember Lot #3 is LIVE! Make your bids here!!

2019 DFS Movember LE - Viking Shaving Brush. Read more here!!

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I'm heading out for my summer vacation so I'm closing the thread. I'll relist some items when I get back.

Time to thin the den.  There are only so many brushes and razors I can reach for.  I'd prefer to sell but I'm open to trades for a Wolfman and other nice brushes.
Shipping in the US is included.

[Image: fl2j1fb.jpg] [Image: 1dMAwdn.jpg]

Paladin Chief 26mm - $170 SOLD!
Rooney Super Badger Stubby 3, 28mm - WITHDRAWN
M&F Finest Badger 3, 27mm - $225 SOLD!

[Image: ZJ7fVvB.jpg] [Image: 9PtswAz.jpg]

Simpson Disco Hive Manchurian, 23mm - $200 SOLD!
Simpson Polo 8, 2 band, 25mm - $200 SOLD!
Simpson Tulip 2, 22mm - $90  NOW $79!

[Image: 5dwmlpw.jpg]

Stainless handle w/Nathan Clark silvertip 25mm, this thing is a beast! $49 SOLD!
Rudy Vey TGN 2 band finest, 24mm, RV logo on the bottom (also says "Shaw" on the bottom) WITHDRAWN
Vie Long Beehive silvertip, 26mm - WITHDRAWN

[Image: BmwBiq4.jpg]

Merkur Digress - $199 SOLD!
King Cobra w/Triad titanium handle and regular handle - WITHDRAWN
Alumigoose V2 - WITHDRAWN
Merkur Futur - WITHDRAWN

[Image: s8BDC7P.jpg]

Hempel Titanium UFO 2 handle - $65 SOLD!
Gillette Sheraton w/case - WITHDRAWN
cerakoted super speed flair - $22 SOLD!
sealed Gem/Scripto - WITHDRAWN

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Nice stuff!

That Polo...

Wow factor all over here.

Ahh the temptations...


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Shave yourself.
Nice looking GEM / Scripto set! Smile

"He who hasn't faced adversity doesn't know his true strength. "

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Drats.. I'm looking for a Weber DLC. Lol.

Nice selection man, very tempting!

2 sold...
one time price drops
last bump. leaving town on friday. have to ship tomorrow. i'm open to trades or reasonable offers.

Los Angeles
Very nice gear but it looks like I'm late to the party

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