2019 DFS Movember LE - Viking Shaving Brush. Read more here!!

I'm selling these two brushes together in a good deal, to cut on the shipping.

If you are interested and take both, I'll be nice to you and add these items for free:

Myrsol Don Miguel 1919 After shave 180 ml, unused
Pitralon Polar after shave 100 ml, unused
La Toja shaving cream 150 ml, unused
Proraso White shaving cream 150 ml, unused
Palmolive Menthol shaving cream 100 ml, unused
Palmolive Palm shaving cream 100 ml, unused
Truefitt & Hill No.10 shaving cream 200 ml, unused
Simpson Cafe Latter shaving cream 125 ml, used once.

I will prefer interested buyers from within Europe, for shipping cost reasons.

But I can ship world wide.

Simpson Chubby 2 Super 3-band, used twice. Perfect condition. This is the new batch of Super 3-band, dense and soft in feel, not floppy.
Simpson Chubby 3 Best 3-band, unused, only hand lathered with it. Perfect condition. This is the old batch of Best hair, very soft, in fact so soft, you would think it was a 3-band to be quite honest.

Price for them both and the bundle of extras including shipping in Europe: $375

[Image: jVUymtu.jpg]
[Image: ViNVunT.jpg]
[Image: Q4iLsK6.jpg]
[Image: XukcsH0.jpg]
[Image: w30pHvj.jpg]
Cheers, Claus from Denmark

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