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Greetings Gents!

Here's my first den sale. These are all great items in top condition. They just don't belong anymore in the rotation.

First up, A R41 razor (2014).

[Image: MrNoNo6.jpg]
[Image: gTw52m3.jpg]

Now few brushes

RazoRock chubby extra silvertip badger. use 5 times.Comes with original box.
Weight: ~84 grams

Knot Diameter: 28mm

Loft Height: 51mm

[Image: 3hMzhR8.jpg]
[Image: Y0fC8QK.jpg]

next is a WolfWhisker Uber soft synthetic brush.
Knot size 26mm. used 5-10 times.

[Image: pY7vFgo.jpg]
[Image: DGqsQcv.jpg]
[Image: FzeM0TV.jpg]

Last brush. A silvertip badger with Lava handle. knot size 24mm. Used about 20 times.
[Image: D5NMoPD.jpg]
[Image: jQ6nraf.jpg]

Last items. Fine AS -L'orange Noir-
95% left.

[Image: fs5ZRDL.jpg]

Shipping would be $15,95, combine shipping available for multiple items.
I'm open to trade for a wolfman razor or ATT S1 or S2.

Feel free to ask, if you have any questions.

thank you!

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