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Den clearing, below are 2 lots for sale:

MDC Original brain bowl, new and Mdc Rose used once.

US$130 US$110, includes the T3 brush. Shipping to Canada and US.

Razor lot consisting of: SOLD

Gillette Tech Canada, includes the cardboard label, box in good condition, this looks new although when I got it and I’ve never used it

Gillette Tech Canada, box is in good condition but top portion is not attached to the lower box

Brass Gillette Open comb - i don’t have any information about this razor

Schick Lady Eversharp, includes a modern cartridge with 3 or 4 unused blades

US$40 including shipping to Canada and US, via Paypal.

Take both for US$160, I'll include Simpson Trafalgar T3 brush.

[Image: DS09azP.jpg]
[Image: e8qdSmv.jpg][Image: 3d8dA1O.jpg]

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Price drop to $110.

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Items are sold

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