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a few things from ye old den that i would like to trade.  i'll list a few things i'm looking for at the bottom of the thread but i'm pretty open.

here's what i have:
[Image: mRgzU5m.jpg]

Paladin Lotus Strawberry Amber in select badger, 26mm  TRADED!
Above the Tie H2 head  $OLD!
Above the Tie R1 head  $OLD!
Razorock stealth slant w/stand, not sure which version  $OLD!
Joris Plisson $85 shipped
Weber Arc  TRADED!
Cobra Classic $210 shipped TRADE PENDING

Looking for...
Black Mamba
nice brushes
i'm open to other trades as well

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Could you please specify the knot dimensions?

Thank you,
weber and paladin are traded.
prices added
RRSS is sold!

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