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Soaps for sale:
• Mickey Lee The Kraken used 2x  SOLD
• Mickey Lee La Belle Du Sud (Peach) used 2x  
• Mickey Lee Italian Stallion used 1x SOLD
$8/each plus $7 shipping CONUS only

• CRSW Barbershop 4.oz v.1 NEW  SOLD
• CRSW Spiced Amber v.2 used 1x SOLD
$10/each plus $7 shipping CONUS only

• Beaver Woodwright Pirate's Bay NEW
• Beaver Woodwright Capt Scurvy NEW SOLD
$10/each plus $7 shipping CONUS only

Shipping will of course be combined if multiple items are purchased. And package deals can be made as well.

Trade-wise looking For:
• Beaver Woodwright Thomas Tew, Blackbeard, or any that I don't have listed above.
• B&M Seville, Cheshire, or Vetyver Santal
• B&M Latha Sandalwood
• Catie's Bubbles Saturday Morning
• Mystic Waters depending on the scent

[Image: IMG_1637_zpsgcnutypn.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1642_zpsxftlhnkn.jpg]

La Belle Du Sud and Pirate's Bay are the only ones left!

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