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Shipping - $3 for one item or $5 for as many as you like (CONUS). International buyers please PM me, I'm happy to accommodate you!

In my quest to keep a disciplined den, I regularly audit all my soaps and decide to pass on the ones I find myself reaching for less often than I'd like. These are all excellent soaps, make no mistake, I just have too many to get to all of them!

1. LA Shaving Soap Co. Topanga Fougère - $17 (MSRP $24)
Used gently a handful of times, est. 85-90% remaining.

2. The Art of Shaving Ocean Kelp cream - $10 (MSRP $25)
Used only 4 times, est. >95% remaining.

3. Mickey Lee Soapworks Lime preshave butter - $8 (MSRP $10)
Scooped with cosmetic spatula 5 times, est. 90-95% remaining.

[Image: n7HJxBJ.jpg]

4. Mystic Waters Viola di Bosco - $10 (MSRP $12)
Test lathered twice, est. 99% remaining.

5. Semogue 1470 - $8 (MSRP $12)
Palm-lathered 40-50 times, almost completely broken-in.

[Image: EjRAsV3.jpg]

6. 24mm Bethlehem Olivewood brush handle - $12
Bought in a group buy on another forum, this one's an extra. Takes to stains exceptionally well, as seen HERE.


The following items are FREE to a good home (just pay shipping!)

1. Mama Bear Soaps Tahitian Flowers 5oz. (MSRP $10)

2. Omega Starter Kit with brush, soap, and stand (MSRP $20)
Updated! Many things gone, but still have the MLS preshave and Semogue for those interested!

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