Portland, OR
FS: Fossil Hal tablet case/sleeve. Leather with magnetic closure. 10 ¼” x 8 ½” (13” diag). This is a never used gift (I don’t think Fossil sells them anymore). MSRP $85. Yours for $35 shipped.

I would also like to offer these soaps for trade. All are new except for the NO, which was used a few times.
I’m looking for new or slightly used soaps with simple, non-exotic scents. Declaration Grooming, PAA, Mike’s Naturals, Zingari, Captain’s Choice, B&M or Mystic Water would be of interest.

    Wet Shaving Products Formula T Olympus, 4.7 oz (product transferred from original to larger container)
    Stirling Spice, 5.8 oz.
    Stirling One, 3.0 oz.
    Noble Otter Rawr, 4 oz. (95%)

Please just PM, if you’re interested. Thanks….

[Image: 1Jq8lwN.jpg][Image: QZq6v7U.jpg][Image: IfRSucd.jpg][Image: BOpGL1K.jpg]

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