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Good Morning All. I have all these items for sale which don't get use and are well cared for. All prices are CONUS with shipping included. No trade offers please. Transactions can be made with Paypal.

I'll make sure to mail everything out tomorrow morning.

$173 CONUS - B2 Satin Mongoose with Big Dr. Bomber Handle Kit (Used 8-10 times) - This includes the V2 Muhle Silvertip Fibre SB and RR ABCBA SS. SOLD

$26 CONUS - CJB Kamisori
$33 CONUS - GD 800 Stainless Steel - Used 5 times. Still has a good edge but SR doesn't work so well with my skin/stubble

[Image: LJIbMii.jpg]

$9 CONUS B&M Latha - Used only two times and my skin can't handle it. Its 98% full.
$12 CONUS CB Mile High Menthol - Great stuff but dries out my skin. Well over 90% left

Or buy both $18 CONUS. SOLD

[Image: UqpF5z4.jpg]

If interested please do PM. Thanks for looking and have a great day

Texas USA
pm sent for the soaps.

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