Hello all,

I have a Carbon Titan for sale with a standard level baseplate. Titanium and carbon fiber handle, titanium cap and baseplate. The baseplate is two-tone and the cap has pearling on the underside. Really a beautiful razor and a pretty amazing 37g in weight. I'm asking the same price that I paid, which was a deal at $400 shipped and insured for domestic (USA) shipping.

PM for more pics if you want[Image: 98268d5a2d19e2a3cdb2e35cd9ce3fa2.jpg]

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Minneapolis-St. Paul
I love this razor - it and my 2021 Sailor are basically the only things I use these days. Good luck with the sale!
Let's spice things up, pick any two soaps from the list to be included at no extra charge.[Image: 42253c6ef81dfa693fd0f748c23623c7.jpg]

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