Hello all,

Trying to lighten up the Den some so I am putting a couple of razors and an ATT R2 head for sale. Prices include shipping within CONUS. Paypal for payment!

1.) Above The Tie R2 plate, in great shape (shown with the M2 but it is sold)....$45 shipped.
2.) Gillette Red Tip 1956 (B1) and Slim Adjustable 1962 (H3), both in very good condition....$70 for both.
3.) Blade lot - 165 Astra SP's, 40 Volkhod's and 15 Derby's....$22

PM or email me at "[email=mjp2k@hotmail.com]mjp2k@hotmail.com[/email]" with any questions.

[Image: 15mgctP.jpg]
[Image: gmWsPcQ.jpg]
[Image: nIF03sn.jpg]
[Image: hVMRkUv.jpg]
[Image: swsPkIs.jpg]

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The two Gillette's have been sold. The R2 plate and blades are still available. Would like these two items sold too so make me an offer I can't refuse or buy them both and I will include a Proraso Blue Tube (used 1x) and a few Arko sticks for free!!!


Items are withdrawn.

Please close. Thx.

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