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For Sale CONUS Priority Mail with PayPal payment $60

Very excellent shape. Only defect I can find is on the door is little ding. Blade pack still had the original 2 blades, and package lid had small crack.

[Image: c97b426a887642737c2022a3d4121802.jpg][Image: 6680798ba55a5e77e344db7aa527c4de.jpg][Image: 724e42d492cf59fc6d70850899c677a4.jpg][Image: aae4817139a6ca790afb23a18aa481fa.jpg][Image: 28bbda89e70e219a08b4865a40893f12.jpg][Image: 4a7647a1b5a4dbd755b45b231021473b.jpg]

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razor in great shape, glwts
[Image: f32303fc1bb8cecd0c69056ace572d21.jpg][Image: 1302f28819995370b8b1e7b92f082ff2.jpg]

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Final Reduce $45 includes priority small box shipping.
Open for trades also.
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