2019 DFS LE - Eleven Soap & Aftershave Splash goes on sale 5/19/19! Read more here!!

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[Image: rRralrd.jpg]Following Aftershaves/Colognes are for sale. 

All bottles are full (tested once).... With exception to a few bottles that are very very close to full (used once or twice). 

PAA AFtershave/Cologne: 

Gondolier- $15.... Sold
Sandalwood- $20
Malbolge- $13
Cavendish tonic- $13.... Sold
Al Fin- $20.... Sold
Dirty Cupcake- $20
FU Fougere- $20.... Sold
i.e.- $20
Lavender/Cedar- $20
Sangre De Drago- $25.... Sold
Sk-8 Shop- $25
Tombstone- $20.... Sold

PAA Aftershave Balms: 

Unscented $6
Sandalwood $6.... Sold 
Bay Rum $6
Cavendish $6
Coconut Bay $6
Gondolier $6.... Sold
Vetiver $6
Daily Driver $8

Folsom & Co. Aftershaves: 

Shady Past- $13.... Sold
Muir- $13.... Sold

Wholly Kaw Aftershave: 

Fougere Bouquet- $10... Sold

Spend $60 and get a free Aftershave! 

Let me know if there's any interest! 

Hi Justin, how would you feel about posting to the UK?
I'd be interested in the following :
Malbolge splash
Sangre De Drago splash
Tombstone splash
Cavandish balm
And the freebie a/s I would like would be Lavender Cedar.
If you could let me know with regards to postage etc. Thanks.

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